Information Technology

The IT Division's Operations support the Maryland State Treasurer's Office disbursement, receipts and reconciliation of moneys of the State, as defined in Article VI, Section 3, of the State Constitution.  The Office disburses over 7 million payments that total over $180 billion per year and processes receipts that exceed $180 billion per year.

Our operations include Electronic funds transfer, check printing, positive pay and account reconciliation process services for the Comptroller's Office's General Accounting Division, Revenue Administrative Division and Central Payroll Bureau, the State Retirement System, as well as the Department of Human Resources' (DHR) Child Support & CARES are provided to these agencies by STO IT.

The IT Division of the Maryland State Treasurer's Office provides all these systems on an IBM i5 midrange platform that is utilized by the Administration, Accounting, Banking and Insurance divisions.  The IT Division also supports network based database applications in Administration, Banking, Debt Management, Investment and Insurance divisions.

The IT Division plans, builds, programs, manages and supports all of the technology platforms that are used by the Maryland State Treasurer's Office (STO).  These systems run in-house developed programs in tandem with commercially developed software, providing the agency with highly customized applications that address their specific needs.

Industry standard hardware and software is provided to the agency staff.    The platforms and services provides include, but are not limited to:  local area networking, internet access, email, application development, website management, software evaluation, data communications, training, technical assistance and other technology services to all Divisions in the State Treasurer's Office.


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