Technology Support

Contingency Planning

The IT Division has a nightly synchronization and lockdown of data and programs from our Production System to our Development System.  This effort provides the State Treasurer's office with a significantly shorter recovery time should the production system experience a hardware failure.  The IT Division has also acquired new hardware to serve as a contingent platform for the State Treasurer's Office at an off-site location.

The IT Division conducts an annual Disaster Recovery test at our DR Test site. The test includes:  a secured data transmission of the ACH and Check files from the Annapolis Data Center (ADC) to the DR i5 System, processing of the GAD ACH files into the ACH Format for the State's Disbursement Bank, printing of some of the GAD checks and a secured transmission of a mock ACH file to the State Disbursement Bank.  The DR Tests help STO to identify additional data to include in our DR Plan.

Server Management

The IT Division has continued to enhance and maintain our server hardware, network switches, firewall and remote network access. The IT Division continued our upgrade of desktop PC's and notebooks as part of our normal replacement cycle.

The IT Division continues to upgrade and support the current releases of server operating systems, applications, virus and spam protection and server management utilities. This has allowed for better control over network resources, greater uptime for users and has enhanced the fault tolerance and dependability of the entire network.

Working Hours

The IT Division has maintained its service hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., augmented by off-site support via a remote device. This remote device now allows for all after-hours support calls to be immediately routed to an on-call support engineer, regardless of the time or day.


PC's are built with a standard image to ensure a consistent installation for all Office employees. This standard streamlines the rollout of new equipment and streamlines support from IT for a standard PC workstation.

This standardization to current releases of Microsoft software and operating systems has provided the Office with greater flexibility to acquire and implement desktop and network management solutions such as State-governed password policies, automated Virus Scan database updates and software administration.

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