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 The State Treasurer's Office procurement policy is in agreement with the State of Maryland procurement regulations. The regulations may be found in the State Financial and Procurement Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Code of Maryland State Procurement Regulations (COMAR) Title 21, entitled "State Procurement Regulations."

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Solicitation Number Title Bid/Proposal Due Date Award Date
AUGEL-07162010 IFB for August 2010 Tax-Exempt Equipment Lease-Purchase Finance 08/09/2010 08/11/2010
ENERGY-07022010 IFB for July 2010 Energy Performance Contract Lease-Purchase Financing 07/26/2010 07/28/2010
CSP-04052010 RFP for Custodial Services for College Savings Plans of Maryland 05/17/2010 06/23/2010
JUNEL-05272010 Invitation for Bids for June 2010 Tax-Exempt Equipment lease-Purchase Financing 06/21/2010 06/23/2010
APREL-03262010 Invitation for Bids for April 2010 Tax-Exempt Equipment Lease-Purchase Financing 04/19/2010 04/21/2010
MAREL-03022010 Invitation for Bids for March 2010 Tax-Exempt Equipment Lease-Purchase Financing 03/22/2010 03/24/2010
FEBEL-01152010 Invitation for Bids for February 2010 Tax-Exempt Equipment Lease-Purchase Financing 02/08/2010 02/24/2010
ENERGY-12222009 Invitation for Bid for January 2010 Energy Performance Contract Lease-Purchase 01/15/2010 01/20/2010
DECEL11192009 Invitation for Bid for December 2009 Equipment Lease-Purchase Financing 01/15/2010 01/06/2010
EL-09282009 Invitation for Bid for October 2009 Equipment Lease-Purchase Financing 10/19/2009 10/21/2009
ESC-09232009 Invitation for Bid for Escrow Agent Services 10/19/2009 10/20/2009
TCBU-07012009 Request for Proposals for Underwriting Services 08/06/2009 09/15/2009
LD-06252009 Expression of Interest for Linked Deposit Services 07/21/2009 08/01/2009
CSEA-04142009 RFP for DHR/CSEA General Banking Services 05/28/2009 07/01/2009
ATP/A-03272009 RFP for Broker Services for Athletic Participants and Travel/Accident Insurance Coverage 04/17/2009 05/01/2009
LGIP-11192008 RFP - Maryland Local Government Investment Pool 12/11/2008 05/01/2009
UND-11192008 RFP - Underwriting Services 12/17/2008 02/05/2009
I/OM-10082008 RFP - Broker Services for Inland/Ocean Marine Insurance Coverages 10/31/2008 11/26/2010
AUTO-10082008 RFP - Broker Services for Auto Insurance Coverages 10/30/2008 11/21/2008
ESC-09252008 IFB for Escrow Agent for Airport Noise Compatibility Project Fund 10/08/2008 10/09/2008
PROP/PKG-07292008 Broker Service For Property/Package Insurance Coverages 08/25/2008 09/09/2008
BONDS-07102008 Insurance Broker Services for Bonds and Related Crime Coverages 07/31/2008 08/04/2008
ABA-05032008 Agency Bank Account Services 06/25/2008 07/11/2008
LIA-05022008 Broker Services for Liability Coverages 05/30/2008 07/09/2008
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