Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) and Personnel Management Unit is an imperative component of the Administration Division. HR is charged with the responsibility of recruitment, classification and compensation, benefits administration, employee relations, personnel database management, State pension and supplemental retirement benefits, performance evaluation, leave accounting, and staff development, all while upholding the State's personnel policies and procedures. In addition to the tasks previously listed, the Unit is also responsible for overseeing compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Maryland's Equal Employment Opportunity law. We work in a dynamic environment where, as the State continues to change, personnel must evolve. These changes bring challenges in the area of staffing. With a limited economy, the Unit manages to attain the highest quality workforce possible, consistently and creatively. We are a staff dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the State Treasurer's Office while committed to being a source of information to fulfill the ever-changing needs of our employees.

As of June 30, 2017, the State Treasurer's Office is assigned 60 permanent positions as follows:

  • Executive Division - 8
  • Administration Division - 8
  • Debt Management Division - 4
  • Information Technology Division - 8
  • Insurance Division - 13
  • Legal Division - 4
  • Treasury Management Division - 15